A sleep study at Southern Sleep involves a 7.30pm admission to Flinders Private Hospital and overnight stay in one of our comfortable rooms. After preliminary interview and time for you to settle in to your room and get dressed into bed ware, small measuring sensors are attached to your head and body. Once the leads have been attached and signal quality tested, you can relax in bed and watch tv or read for as long as you like and let us know when you want to turn the light out, at which time the recording will be commenced. While you sleep, the computerised signals are monitored continuously by our friendly trained technicians and recorded for later detailed analysis. Our staff are available overnight to assist you with anything at all including toilet stops, which are very easy to do as the equipment includes a detachable box that you take with you so that you can get up quickly and easily without disrupting attached sensors.

While the attached sensors may be initially strange, people typically get used to them in a half hour or so and are often surprised at how little they affect their sleep. There is always some impact of the attached equipment and unfamiliar surrounds, however we acknowledge this and incorporate this into interpretation of your results. Overall sleep quality and quantity is of less importance as what happened to your breathing and brain activity when you are asleep. Moreover, self-report of sleep quality and quantity is often greatly underestimated and it is extremely rare that we need don't get sufficient data.
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